Diseases that are among the diseases that are mainly diagnosed and treated in the cardiology department;

  • K alba crisis,
  • K a positive predictive failure,
  • K alp failure,
  • K alpine rhythm and conduction disturbances,
  • K alp valve diseases,
  • K eriferik vascular diseases,
  • A middle vessel diseases,
  • H ipertansiyo's,
  • H iperkolesterole me and doğums get heart disease

We have hospitals serving in the fields of arrhythmia and cardiac electrophysiology , interventional cardiology and non-interventional cardiology in the cardiology departments.

H as the grain and medical centers for patients with a special data base is maintained , quality control activities related to the operation ış be performed

Procedures performed in the cardiology department;

  • Disease risk and screening
  • effort test
  • 2-D, doppler and color doppler echocardiographs
  • Stress echocardiographs
  • 24 hour ECG and blood pressure monitoring
  • Calcium scanning with multidetector CT
  • CT coronary angiography