Stomach Surgery

Gastric Balloon

In the gastric balloon method, a balloon is placed in the stomach with an endoscopy device. The balloon is then inflated to create a feeling of satiety. Gastric balloon is a non-surgical obesity treatment method. However, since the balloon is removed after 6 months, if the patient does not change his lifestyle and does not continue his diet, the result may not be permanent; Those who lose weight with a gastric balloon can gain weight again if they do not pay attention to what they eat.

Stomach Botox

Stomach botox, like the gastric balloon, is a weight loss method that does not require surgery. So, how is stomach botox done? By entering the stomach with the endoscopic method, Botox is injected into the necessary points. This process allows the stomach to empty for a long time; so that the person does not get hungry easily and helps to lose weight as appetite control is provided.

Tube Stomach Surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy)

Gastric sleeve surgery is the most preferred surgical treatment in the field of obesity. (stomach reduction)

In this surgery, a large part of the stomach is removed and its volume is reduced. Thus, the nutrition of the person is limited, and since the part of the stomach that secretes the hunger hormone is removed, the patient's appetite decreases after the surgery. Gastric sleeve surgeries are performed with the laparoscopic (closed) method. The surgery is performed by entering the abdominal cavity through small incisions.