Why Turkey

Keeping up with the developing technology day by day, Turkey has also taken important steps in the health sector. Turkey, which has made large investments both structurally and technologically in the last 5 years, has a total of 44 JCI (Joint Commission International) certificates, including public and private hospitals. Structurally, the Ankara City Hospital, with which we have a contract, is the largest hospital in the world, which was built in one go. In terms of number of beds, it is the third largest hospital in the world with a bed capacity of 3810.

551 000 people came to Turkey for health tourism in 2018 and 662000 people in 2019 for treatment purpose. On the basis of countries, patients came from Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Ethiopia, Ghana, Germany, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iran. Incoming patients came for eye, hair, dental, plastic, obesity and IVF treatments.

In addition to these, it is obvious that the cost of treatment in Turkey is 60% cheaper then compared to the European continent and the American continent. Turkish doctors, who keep up with the ever-evolving technology in terms of solving the problems, not only provide their services in European standards at a cheaper price, but also find solutions to diseases that cannot be solved in many countries of the world. The simplest example of this is finding a cure for diabetes in Turkey.

When we come to the section of our medical technologies, there are 3,330 companies in total, including 1,480 manufacturers, 1,850 importers, and 44,700 dealers, and all of the medical devices in hospitals in Europe and America are located in Turkey.

Owing to our geographical location and unique beauties, Turkey has managed to enter the top 10 in the world for holiday tourism for years. In 2019, 45 million tourists entered to our country. The biggest effect in this is that our country living all four seasons. Göbeklitepe, the first settlement in the history of world humanity, is in our country. In fact, if we go into a little more detail, you can swim in the sea after skiing in the snow in Antalya.

Istanbul Airport ranked first among the airports in Europe in 2020, and owing to the measures taken during the epidemic, it became the first airport in the World which received the Airport Health Accreditation certificate. With Turkish Airlines you can easily reach to 127 countries, 320 cities and 325 airports. You can easily fly to Turkey from any point of the world.